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What’s The Point?

So, what is the point of starting a blog? Honestly, it’s a great place for me to create a static stream of my thoughts, processes, and ideas. I’m starting down my OSCP journey, well, I have been since the end of summer 17′, and it’s been very helpful logging each and every box I accomplish or new tool I find. The only problem with me logging all of this information is that there’s no feedback & no one benefiting from my research/ progress except me. Now, I’m not saying I know every damn little thing because FULL DISCLOSURE, I don’t know shit compared to some of the amazing people in the info.sec. world but, I’m trying and I want to share my progress in hopes that it helps others as well as call me out on when I was inefficient or took the road of most resistance.

Long story short, this blog is going to be a repository of retired Hack The Box,, and Vulnhub write-ups along with the awesome tools, techniques, tips, methods and anything else I feel would be worthwhile posting. I will not strictly be posting about OSCP progress, but everything that I have my hands on at the time which, will be a ton of penetration testing content.


Hack The Box





My plan is to post as much as possible. So far, I have a ton of write-ups in OneNote format that I will port over to this Blog, starting with a few Vulnhub boxes and then be moving to some retired HTB boxes (Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows). I also have a wealth of information, books, tools, spreadsheets, other blogs, etc. that I plan on posting here in the following days to come.

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